al fresco, green bay

We live in Green Bay, a city known far and wide as the "Frozen Tundra." Which means summer is a precious period of time that might start in April or June, depending. Which also means we can be somewhat manic for sunshine, not wanting to go indoors. Ever. We play outdoors. We sleep outdoors. And we especially like to eat outdoors. 

Yet it never fails that when a group of us are looking for a patio or deck to kick back and enjoy the beautiful weather (and maybe an adult beverage or two), we can never think of a place to go. My also-interested co-workers and I decided to fix that, compiling all the restaurants we could think of that offered outdoor seating.

Below, fellow hibernators, is a list of restaurants in the Green Bay area where you can enjoy an appetizer, meal, drink or dessert under the sun or a table umbrella.

Al Fresco, Green Bay!

If anybody knows of others, please provide as a comment, and I'll add to the list. Enjoy!