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I have been involved in media sales for over 20 years. Most of my career was spent in the regimented world of broadcast TV at local affiliate network stations -- NBC, CBS & FOX. The last two years in cable TV. The thing I especially like about cable TV is there is literally a network or program for every audience segment no matter how small, how niche, how odd. Plus, since Netflix changed the game with the production of original programming, more and more networks are following in their footsteps. I get a great kick out of scanning the weekly "Programming Highlights" to learn about new shows and read the synopses.

Which is how I came to discover The Story of God with Morgan Freeman. I have watched three episodes so far On Demand. Each week is focused on a question, and the show is very careful to consider perspective from all the major religions. Around-the-world experts have also been very balanced male and female. The production quality is stellar, and Morgan does an exemplary job of being the "seeker" in us all. He's not only interested and curious but also open and humble.

The Story of God with Morgan Freeman is "good TV." A good use of the medium. A good use of celebrity. Every week I feel more informed, more enriched and more humanitarian. And, if I'm honest, a little more in agape love with Morgan Freeman.

Link to trailer.

The story of God is one of the greatest mysteries and most important ideas in the world,” said Freeman. “For me, this is a personal and enduring quest to understand the divine, and I am humbled by the opportunity to take viewers along on this incredible journey.
— Morgan Freeman, VARIETY