Weike Wang

reading chemistry

Chemistry_Weike Wang.jpg

I couldn't put this book down. Had it in my reading queue after reading an intriguing review. A very modern novel, although I should try to identify what I mean by modern. (1) The author doesn't *explain* everything. In fact, some of the more important events take place offstage. She is the imperfect filter for her experiences. Her tone is cool, detached almost. Scientific. She's in a relationship. She's not in a relationship. He is the omnipresent "Eric." All the other characters are not named. The best friend. The advisor. (2) The author is having an existential crisis. It's okay to talk about an existential crisis again, especially in the context of ethnicity and feminism. The author deals with both. She is a female scientist. She is Asian American. (3) The principles of chemistry become allegories, become jumping off points for deeper consideration. She g-r-o-w-s in the book. We grow with her. It's a life's work.