Published Poetry

List Version

  1. “Writing Try Harder” and “Young Version of the Day’s Fluster” (Erasures), published in TWO HAWKS QUARTERLY.

  2. “Never Doubt” and “Hunger of the Mind,” published in SPECTRAL LINES, a collection by Alternating Current, poems about scientists

  3. “Intuition,” “Sex,” and “Solitude,” published in 50/50: POETRY AND TRANSLATIONS BY WOMXN OVER 50, by Quill’s Edge Press

  4. “The Shortest Distance,” shared at the 3RD ANNUAL UNITY WALK

  5. "Melissopalynology," published in WISCONSIN POETS' CALENDAR 2019

  6. "A Luminous Kind of Pink," "Side-by-Side," and "Wild Asparagus," published in THE RAVENSPERCH June 2018

  7. "Scottish Husband," published in MAYDAY MAGAZINE Spring 2018

  8. "Sunsets are an Occasion," published in WISCONSIN POETS' CALENDAR 2018

  9. "Anniversary," published in SKY ISLAND JOURNAL, Fall 2017

  10. "Canoe," originally published in MINERVA RISING, Spring 2015, and anthologized in NEW POETRY FROM THE MIDWEST 2017

  11. "Dear Self at Thirty," published on ROAR: Literature & Revolution by Feminist People, May 2017

  12. "Surrender," published on HER HEART POETRY, March 2017

  13. "Endocrinologist," published in BLUE HERON REVIEW, Summer 2017

  14. "Your Boat is a Ladle," WISCONSIN POETS' CALENDAR 2017

  15. "How to Forget," "You Hear Me Coming" & "Heated Blanket" published in ARIEL ANTHOLOGY 2016

  16. "Flaming Pajamas," published in PASSAGER, Summer 2016

  17. "Buzzed by Snowmobiles," published in WISCONSIN POETS' CALENDAR 2016

  18. "Immovable," published in PORTAGE MAGAZINE, 2015

  19. "Spoons," published in MIDWEST PRAIRIE REVIEW, 2015

  20. "New World," published in PASSAGER, Winter 2015

  21. CANNED, a chapbook of poems, FINISHING LINE PRESS, 2014,

  22. "Omen" & "Botany," published in SPLIT ROCK REVIEW, Fall 2014

  23. "Morbid," honorable mention SPOON RIVER REVIEW Poetry Contest, 2014

  24. "Wind Chimes," 3rd place winner KAY SAUNDERS EMERGING POET AWARD, 2014

  25. "Cube Life," published in GLASSWORKS, Fall 2014

  26. "Eviscerate," "Febricity," & "Ginglymus," published in RIVET, November 2014

  27. "Lost Soda," published in BROAD!, Summer 2013

  28. "Declined," published in VERSE WISCONSIN, December 2013

  29. "Canned" & "Saltlick," published on ANDERBO, 2012

  30. "The Theory of Grass," published on MELUSINE, Spring/Summer 2011

  31. "Prayer" & "Cataract," published on LITERARY MAMA, 2011

  32. "The Theory of Cake," published in THE GREENSBORO REVIEW, Spring 2010

  33. "Hula" & "Reading Music," published on CHILDREN, CHURCHES & DADDIES, 2005

  34. "Frogs Singing," published on FIRST WRITER, 2004