I provide assistance to businesses like yours by helping you create or redesign a website.

With my process you get zero smoke and mirrors. You get a guide, who will take you in the informed direction. I take you behind the scenes.

First we'll meet to plan the general outline of your website and general purpose. We'll also review any visual elements like logos, photos and color theme. We'll determine an action plan for any additional visual elements, if needed. 

Next I'll design a few pages based on the outline.

We'll meet again briefly to make sure I'm fulfilling your vision.

I complete the creation or redesign of your website. You can pay me by the hour or by the project, whichever is cheaper. The rate will be determined by the number of pages in the outline of your website and the number of visual assets I'm providing, if any. My charges do not include web hosting or site registration, although I can arrange both, if needed.

When you're satisifed with the new website we make it *live.* The new website will exist in draft mode until you're ready. Your current website remains active until the new site goes live. There will be no interruption in your web presence.

Once the site is live -- or at any point in the process -- I'll teach you how to create new pages and special features like galleries. I'll also show you how to update or rearrange existing pages. Or change the look of your site. We can even link a blog page to your social media, so your blogs automatically post in both places. I can even help you create a blog or promotional calendar. Or we can keep it simple. Your call. 

Your website is where you tell your story as a business. Beginning. Middle. End. Conflict. Resolution. Happy Ending.

The first step is to email me about your web project at I'll assess your current website and get the process *started* by scheduling our first meeting. Your story's the thing.