The best kind of advertising creates a pause in which some kind of recognition or acknowledgement can happen. Traditionally advertising caused an "interruption" in desirable content in order to create pause. Watching a television program. Listening to the radio. Reading a newspaper or magazine.

Even the so-called new advertising of online or digital uses interruption. Think of visiting a web page and/or reading an article and the intrusion of a banner ad, pop-up or interstitial.

You want something to change in the pause. Obviously the best change would be a prospect deciding to call your company to inquire about a product or service. But there are other more incremental changes that could also occur that can move things along in a positive direction. For example, a prospect could visit your website to find out more about you. Or signup for your blogposts. Or read one of your whitepapers. Any of these actions could contribute to familiarity, trust and ultimately a final sale.

Broadcast: Radio Commercials

Print: Magazines & Newspapers

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
— Agatha Christie